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    International Trade Forum - Issue 2/2010

    ITC Market Analysis Tools: Enhancing the Transparency of Global Trade and Market Access

    Demand for ITC web-based trade analysis tools has increased dramatically as businesses struggle to deal with the fall-out of the global financial and economic crisis. With exporters eager for trade intelligence on emerging product and market opportunities, the number of registered users has reached 100,000 in 221 countries and territories.

    Five web portals, Trade Map, Market Access Map, Investment Map, Trade Competitiveness Map and Product Map, have been developed to enhance the transparency of global trade and market access and to help users in their market analyses.


    Trade statistics for International Business Development

    Trade Map provides online access to the world's largest trade database. It also presents indicators on export performance, international demand, alternative markets and the role of competitors from both the product and the country perspective. Trade Map operates in a web-based interactive environment and covers the trade flows of more than 220 countries and territories and 5,300 products. Trade data are also available at tariff-line level for more than 100 countries and on a monthly or quarterly basis for more than 50 countries.

    Trade Map's features include analysis of present export markets; pre-selection of priority markets; an overview of competitors in global and specific markets; a review of opportunities for product diversification in a specific market; identification of existing and potential bilateral trade with partner countries; and information on tariffs.



    Making Market Access Transparent

    Market Access Map covers customs tariffs and other measures applied by 187 importing countries to products from 239 countries and territories. Most Favoured Nation (MFN) and preferential applied import tariff rates are shown for products at the most detailed national tariff-line level. It has been designed to support exporters, importers, trade promoters, policy analysts and trade negotiators.

    Market Access Map includes information about MFN applied customs duties as well as multilateral, regional and bilateral preferences; bound tariffs and quotas; anti-dumping duties; rules and certificates of origin; and trade flows.



    For a Better Identification of Investment Opportunities

    Investment Map aims to assist investment promotion agencies in defining priority sectors for investment promotion and opportunities for bilateral investment, as well as identifying potential investors in a given sector and competitor countries for inward investment. Investment Map combines statistics on foreign direct investment and international trade, tariff data and activities of multinational firms.



    Benchmarking National and Sectoral Trade Performance

    Trade Competitiveness Map provides country market analysis profiles for around 240 countries and territories. Each profile provides a series of tools to facilitate strategic market research, monitor national and sectoral trade and macro-economic performance and design trade development strategies.

    Trade Competitiveness Map offers information about each country including the trade performance index, national export performance and national import, and the consistency of trade statistics and technical notes on trade data.



    Business Information for Going Global

    The Product Market Analysis portal, or Product Map, consists of 72 web-based portals, each focusing on a particular industry. It brings together trade and market access data from Trade Map and Market Access Map, and presents this along with other trade information, such as market reports, for use by organizations active in international trade. Product Map gathers information for more effective international market research and business development on 72 industries ranging from agriculture machinery to cut flowers and wood products. Overall, 5,300 products (HS 6-digit) traded by more than 180 countries are referenced.

    Each Product Map presents tools for market positioning, networking and market intelligence.



    Thanks to financial contributions from the ITC Global Trust Fund and the World Bank, as of 1 January 2008, all users from developing countries and territories have been able to access ITC market analysis tools free of charge.