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    Trade to Work for Peace in Peru and Ecuador


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 2/2006

    ©ITC/ E. Alvares
    Mr Bernales and Mr Bélisle signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the second phase of the Peru-Ecuador export development project.

    ITC and the Peru-Ecuador Binational Fund for Peace and Development have been working together to develop exports by small firms in the countries' border region since May 2005. Jorge Voto Bernales, Director of the Binational Fund, and J. Denis Bélisle, Executive Director of ITC, launched the second phase of the project in April 2006.

    After the war between Ecuador and Peru in 1995, the two countries set up a plan of action to raise living standards for inhabitants of their border region and create peace and stability through cooperation. Part of their strategy is the economic integration of the region to increase its productive and social development.

    A good way to do this is to improve small firms' trade performance. The Fund is working with ITC in Peru's northern region to help local providers of export development services to improve their offer and to train local experts in using ITC tools and methodologies. Among the local service providers, the University of Piura has been an important partner in implementing the project. The final phase of the project, scheduled for 2007, will be to consolidate results, strengthen local capacity to provide business development services and improve the performance of value chains with the highest export potential.

    For more information, contact Matias Urrutigoity, ITC Trade Promotion Officer at urrutigoity@intracen.org or go to http://planbinacional.rree.gob.pe